pipers banquet hall wedding photos

Courtney & Brian // Chicago Wedding Photographer


I love this wedding for the following reasons.

1. First, At the end of this long blog post are some “outtakes” but really I think I will start calling them just funnies because they are for sure not outtakes. They are hilarious and amazing. So if you don’t want to look through the whole blog, at least scroll to the bottom to see the funnies!

2. When we arrived, the bridesmaids had cleaned up and placed the dress in this beautiful spot. Usually we have to wander around and clean up rooms and move the dress and it’s a big ordeal. This was AMAZING. There were 17 bridesmaids and most have already been married so these girls knew the drill!

3. There’s so many dancing pictures in this post because I couldn’t possibly leave any more out than I already did. Ryan and I have been doing different lighting during dancing lately and I kinda love the variety of it. In this wedding, we have 3 lighting techniques being used! Regular bouncing, shutter drag and then with a colored backlight across the room.

4. Courtney is one of my favorites. She’s hilarious, laid back, super kind, beautiful and just a happy person in general. It’s no wonder she had 17 bridesmaids, I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t want to be her friend after meeting her.

5. Everyone was freezing so we took a break from photos and went to McDonalds where they bought 30 cheeseburgers. It is just my favorite that she went back behind the counter to grab them all and just ran. hahaha!

6. Outside of being super cold during portraits, it was such a fun and easy day. Their friends and family were so kind to us, super helpful and everyone was just there for them. It’s always the best part of weddings to see how much their circle of people care about them.

7. Also, I have learned my lesson this time. Next winter if we have a bald groom, I’m gonna bring along a fur lined hat for in between photos. Sorry Brian for making your brains freeze. It was worth it, right?!!!


QUICK! Get him to the hospital, he’s about to deliver!

Give me my burgers, I aint got time for this! 😂😂😂

Nolan LOVES this guys suit!

I LOVE the people who are great laughers and have weird faces. Thus why Courtney is my favorite hahaha

Oopsies…. hahaha I just love how graceful she is


We brought along little heating pads to try and keep people warm. We never want to make you freeze…but…Mother Nature is a butt sometimes.


While editing this made me laugh for a bit hahaha It looks like Dad is just saying OK FINE TAKE HER!