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Colleen & Brandon // Packard Proving Grounds Wedding Photographer


You know what, I think crazy weather just brings out insane sunsets. I’m convinced after the last few weddings we have shot. This was a cold one but then out of nowhere the sky exploded in this amazing sunset and we just RAN! There’s a great image at the end of this blog in the outtakes of them just running down this long parking lot to get to the perfect spot. At this point it was FREEZING out but they were such troopers!

The proving grounds were so cool with all the old cars and my goodness, we eat a LOT of wedding food but the food here was INSANE. It was family style and it was just so incredible. I want to remember how good it was forever!

Colleen and Brandon were such good sports with how cold it was and I feel so lucky to have had so many awesome clients this year that just bring a good attitude to everything. Colleens laugh is just the best and I just love the photos of her when laughing. It feels like you can almost here it because she just goes straight to 100% which I think is the best.

Winter weddings are so magical and I’ve got two more coming up next! Enjoy :)


It was just cold, dusk and then Colleen was like the sunset! From where we were I didn’t think we could get a good clear shot then Ryan was like the tree row! So we went around the corner and oh my word! We knew we would only have a couple minutes where it was most awesome so we just RAN! 😂


I like to do this wide shot where the guys charge at me when I have the right group for it and normally I don’t get injured or die. This was a close call though! I about had a heart attack! 🤣