Welcome to the GAUPER family where everything is fun, we laugh till we hurt and super great memories are made! We believe in the awesomeness of marriage and how much value meaningful wedding photos have in the grand scheme of life. Taking beautiful photos is one thing, but the focus of our work is all about finding the best in people and relationships.


"The more things we  can laugh about, the more alive we become. The more things we can laugh about together, the more connected we become"  -Frank Pittman



I've been asked many times at weddings how I have so much energy. My answer is that I sit at a desk all week and save it up for the weekend. 

The best compliment I have ever gotten from a bride was that she was worried she wouldn't be able to be herself because of nerves but my honest, quirkiness made her feel like it was a safe place to let out her own goofiness. Technical skill, lighting and creativity are obviously important and a huge part of what I do, but figuring out ways to make people comfortable is everything in my book. 

My work is filled with a lot of joy, laughter and energy. I shoot very happy events and I always try to not only be there to do my job well but to be a positive, enjoyable part of the day as well.


It's always been my goal to find something to love in someone no matter what. To get past the small talk whenever possible and get to know the real person behind it all. 

This translates into wedding photography very well because you are surrounded by the people you love and the people you’ve made that human connection with. There’s no small talk or awkwardness, there is reminiscing of the memories you have with them and the relationship you’ve built. Weddings give people the opportunity to let their guard down and show people how much the care for one another.

My work is full of great candid moments and has a more soft, timeless quality to it. 



Packages with both Ryan and Holly range from $4695 - $5,959 for 8-12 hours of coverage. Single shooter packages start at $3,495 for 10 hours of coverage. All packages include fully edited high resolution files, downloadable on our proofing and printing site. To learn more about what is included in each package and talk over details, please get in touch with us, we've love to get to know you! 

Our local area is West Michigan but we travel anywhere our work takes us. We work in NY, SC, FL, TX, TN, IL, OH, PA, CA, IN and even overseas!

If you are looking for family photography please visit!


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